Curiosity Satisfied

DelveIn is a software provider created by local real estate professionals.
We know that being constantly curious gives you an edge.

The unique way DelveIn packages its data helps analysts focus on what to look at and what not too. This speeds decisions by having an expert at their fingertips to accelerate deal flow decision for their business and better support for their customers.

Prioritize What's Important

Underwriting comes with lots of questions. DelveIn helps lending professionals prioritize what's important in underwriting.

Hypothesis Test

DelveIn allows you to test underwriting hypotheses against its insights.

Time Savings

Saves you time by quickly accessing key data. Be more responsive to your clients by knowing what to focus on.

More Tools & Opinions

It gives you more tools, and opinions of key risks to protect your underwriting. 

Our Team

David Allen

Former president Brookfield Residential Calgary, founder situated Consulting Co. 25+ year development pro. Developed and executed stratedgic plans, joint ventures, investment raises, approvals, marketing and sales for $1B in real estate assets. The originator, founding investor, and leader of DelveIn.

Linda Rutledge

Former Qualico, Enmax executive with 20 years real estate. Veteran in project management, asset management, development underwritingm and project valuations. MBA Finance and research curator of market insights DelveIn utilizes for your advantage.

Jason Margo

Analyst, data modeller and organizer. Background in economic forecasting and market research. B.Comm Finance. Jason is instrumental in the product development and data management at DelveIn.

Ryan Henderson

+15 years in developing online business solutions. Extensive coding experience and Saas developer. Ryan is the fabircator of DelveIn's digital products.

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